Benjamin David Ramsdale

PGT-A/SR Supervisor- CooperSurgical

PGT-A/SR Supervisor

Hi, I'm Ben.

I've been working for CooperSurgical for 4 years in the PGT-A/SR laboratory in London after graduating at Sheffield Hallam University in Human Biology (BSc).

Previously, I have worked in a food microbiology lab for ALS life sciences involved with the preparation of various food samples for our multi-pathogen ISO accredited testing centre.

Currently I am working at CooperGenomics (ISO 15189:2012) working with NGS using the Illumina NovaSeq 6000 processing embryo biopsies to determine the best embryos for IVF transfer.

In the future I will be looking to expanding my knowledge around genetics and microbiology to expand my in-depth detailed knowledge. As well as increase my effectiveness of supervising a team of people to obtain company goals

The Team

We would not be thriving in our company without so many brilliantly talented people. CooperGenomics UK has been a thriving success with many of us thriving and developing our skillsets every single day. We all strive to process embryo biopsy samples to the highest quality to ensure that the results we give out will produce the highest chances of a successful pregnancy.

What is Pre-implantation Genetic Testing?


The First step involves receiving samples, ensuring that they are the correct samples to be processed and then amplifying the samples so that they have more DNA to be sequenced.


Sequencing involves preparing a 'library' of DNA involving many samples, and sequencing these using indices. Different flashes of light are representative of different sequences added. This then builds up a picture of what the DNA sequence is.